Frequently Asked Questions

We are a tax credit, incentive, and real estate advisory firm:

  • We prepare comprehensive financial projections and cost certifications for most of our development projects.
  • We perform cost segregation studies to help taxpayers defer income taxes.
  • We work closely and collaboratively with your accountant, or we can bring in other trusted accounting firms.
  • We don’t do traditional tax compliance work nor do we do traditional annual audits and reviews.

We apply our processes and perform our services throughout the entire United States using our established relationships so that our clients benefit from our experience. These projects are located in large cities, rural areas, and everywhere in between.

We work with both. Our newer developer partners gain from working with us because we know how to structure, underwrite and assemble the team and capital stack to get the project successfully financed. Our more experienced developers gain from using us because we provide additional capacity and resources to their existing team allowing them to continue exploring new development opportunities and markets knowing that we are focused on helping them finance their existing projects.

Yes, many of our clients are in manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, energy, healthcare, farming, wine / beer / beverage, sports, multifamily, banking / financial services, family office, nonprofit and government.

In its simplest terms, tax credits reduce the amount of tax payable for many individuals and corporations. Since many developers / owners don’t have enough taxable income, third party investors are often brought into a project to contribute equity in exchange for receiving most or all of the tax credits. That equity helps finance and increase the rate of return on projects.

In general, if a building is over 50 years old it could benefit from federal historic tax credits and potentially state historic tax credits. We can help you determine and monetize the financial benefits of these programs.

The opportunity zone program can be beneficial if:

  1. You and/or your investors have capital gains; and/or
  2. Your property is located in a designated opportunity zone. We can assist in determining whether your property is located in one those selected zones, how the program could apply to your project, and help you benefit from this incentive.

Yes, we work on 4% and 9% LIHTC projects including structuring, financing, assembling the team, applying to housing agencies for the credits, and coordinating all of the components to successfully finance the project, complete construction, and meet compliance requirements.

Similar to opportunity zones, new markets tax credits are eligible in specific census tracts. Let us help you determine whether your project is located in one of those census tracts and if it is a good candidate for this program. If it is, we can assist you in structuring and securing funds for this very competitive incentive.

Yes, and there are many incentives at the federal and state / local level. The sphere of energy related incentives changes often depending on legislative activity. These incentives are primarily related to producing energy and/or reducing energy usage.

Yes, we thoroughly research state and local tax incentives and grants to ensure that all available resources are identified, captured, and implemented to help successfully finance a project.

It’s very likely that your project could be eligible for multiple types of tax incentives at the federal, state, and local level. Let us help you identify and benefit from incentives that could be applicable given the unique characteristics of your project.

Yes, and although we have strong relationships with many tax equity investors, it’s our practice to selectively seek out only those investors who are best suited for the particular project.

Yes, similar to locating tax credit investors, we seek out those lenders that are best suited for the particular project. The lenders include banks of all sizes and debt funds. We also work collaboratively with many mortgage broker / debt sourcing firms.

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